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Introduction to Pastry and Baking

Introduction to Pastry and Baking

Learn the basic techniques of pastry and baking in this 12-session class, designed by our director of baking programs, Nick Malgieri. The course familiarizes students with the recipes and concepts used by professional bakers and pastry chefs, which form the basis of every competent baker’s repertoire. Topics include: Lesson 1: Introduction to yeast baking Lesson 2: Simple and complex breads Lesson 3: Pies and tarts made with flaky pastry dough Lesson 4: Pies and tarts made with sweet pastry dough Lesson 5: Pâte à choux and pastry cream Lesson 6: Cheesecakes and puff pastry Lesson 7: Baking puff pastries Lesson 8: Cookies and piping Lesson 9: Chocolate techniques Lesson 10: Foam cakes and glazing Lesson 11: Butter cakes and cake finishing Lesson 12: Rolled cakes and decorative techniques. The program investigates a broad range of pastries---both classic and modern---to provide a full understanding of all baking categories.

Course Lessons

Introduction to Pastry and Baking

Course ID: PBINTRO Duration: 5.00 hour(s)


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