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Techniques of Healthful Cooking

Techniques of Healthful Cooking

What does "healthy cooking" mean anyway? Plant-based? Macrobiotic? Low-salt? Gluten-free? Depending on whom you ask --- whether it be a nutritionist, a doctor, a chef, or your mom --- you will likely get different answers. While there is no single definition for what constitutes healthy eating, most people will agree that there are several key principles and dietary guidelines that will lead you toward a well-balanced diet. In this newly revamped three-part Essentials series, we will explore a sensible approach to cooking and eating, using a wholesome array of ingredients. You will learn which foods you should choose on a regular basis to keep your body running smoothly, as well as those you should try to limit and why. Each day, you’ll get fully hands-on in our kitchens as you master a variety of dishes that demonstrate how you can cook healthfully, without sacrificing flavor. Day 1. Simplify: In this class, we’ll discover ways to streamline what you eat to strike a better balance in your dietary habits. Menu includes: chocolate chia breakfast bites; hot-and-sour kabocha squash and amaranth soup; herby fish lettuce wraps; raw cauliflower couscous with Swiss chard, peppers and almonds; warm arugula-barley salad with shaved beets and lemon citronette; and restorative chicken pot-au-feu. Day 2. Amplify: Today we’ll focus on maximizing nutrient-dense "superfoods" that --- ounce for ounce --- pack a nutritional punch in any meal. We'll make: sesame seed crackers; muhammara (red pepper-walnut spread); poached salmon bundles with green goddess sauce; greens ’n’ beans veggie burger sliders; ginger, sea greens and carrot salad with goji berries; and avocado lime pudding with berries and shaved coconut. Day 3. Diversify: For our final class, we’ll explore some creative and versatile ways to cook healthier by juxtaposing flavors to create Asian-inspired grain bowls. Our menu consists of: shiitake mushroom and onion fricassee; coconut ginger carrots; curried succotash; charred cauliflower with smoked paprika root vegetable stir-fry with miso; easy kale chips with nutritional yeast; freekeh; quinoa; brown rice; tofu scramble with lime cilantro mojo; multigrain turkey meatballs; and maple-chipotle nuts.

Course Lessons

  • Lesson 1 - SIMPLIFY

    Chocolate Chia Breakfast Bites; Hot & Sour Kabocha Squash and Amaranth Soup; Herby Fish Kabobs on Rosemary Skewers; Raw Cauliflower Couscous with Swiss Chard, Peppers, and Almonds; Warm Arugula-Barley Salad with Shaved Beets and Lemon Citronette; and Restorative Chicken Pot-au-Feu.

  • Lesson 2 - AMPLIFY

    Super Seed Crackers with Kale and Rosemary; Muhammara (red pepper-walnut spread); Poached Salmon Bundles with Green Goddess Sauce; Greens ’n’ Beans Veggie Burger Sliders; Ginger, Sea Greens, and Carrot Salad with Goji Berries; and Avocado Lime Pudding with Berries and Shaved Coconut.

  • Lesson 3 - DIVERSIFY

    Shiitake Mushroom and Onion Fricassee; Coconut Ginger Carrots; Curried Succotash; Charred Romanesco with Smoked Paprika Root Vegetable Stir-Fry with Miso; Easy Kale Chips with Nutritional Yeast; Freekeh; Quinoa; Brown Rice; Tofu Scramble with Lime Cilantro Mojo; Multigrain Turkey Meatballs; and Maple-Chipotle Nuts.

Techniques of Healthful Cooking

Course ID: HEALTH Duration: 4.50 hour(s)


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