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CAPS:Sugarwork with Peter Gyorgyicsek

Sugarwork with Peter Gyorgyicsek

Interested in learning more about working with cooked sugar? Or are you getting ready for a competition? Acclaimed chef Peter Gyorgyicsek will visit ICE from Australia for the first time in 2019. Chef Peter won a gold medal at the Malaysian FHM competition in 2015, and 2 gold medals competing in Australia in 2017. He won a silver medal for his sugarwork in the Asia Pastry Cup and has been awarded Best Pastry Chef of the Year by the World Gourmet Summit. Chef Peter regularly travels the world and teaches sugar showpiece design. He will work with you (at your skill level) to take you through your next set of challenges. Every participant will work on his or her own sugar showpiece in this three-day intensive. What do you need to practice: Design? Sugar blowing? Ribbons? Perfecting your flower-pulling skills? You'll get all of that mentorship here, and then some.

CAPS: Sugarwork with Peter Gyorgyicsek

Course ID: CAPSSUGAR Duration: 8.00 hour(s)


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