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Modern Cooking and Plating Workshop

Modern Cooking and Plating Workshop

This class will focus on plating techniques and strategies to create visually stunning dishes, using special equipment from Cedarlane Culinary. ICE Director of Culinary Development James Briscione will cover a variety of modern cooking methods, including sous vide, pressure cooker, dehydration, and hydrocolloids. We’ll cover: - The essential tools for crafting modern plates - Theory to plate construction, including how to craft texture and color - Advanced cooking techniques, using sous vide, pressure cookers, and siphons - Modern serviceware from ICE partner Front of the House. In addition to learning how cook and craft the perfect dish, you'll have the opportunity to use our in-kitchen photo studio to capture your art on the plate.

Course Lessons

Modern Cooking and Plating Workshop

Course ID: MODPLATE Duration: 4.50 hour(s)


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