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Chocolate 201:Craft of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making

Craft of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making

Explore ICE's bean-to-bar Chocolate Lab in this two-day chocolate experience. In this workshop, open to pastry and culinary professionals, ICE creative director Michael Laiskonis will be offering an exclusive hands-on look at the bean-to-bar chocolate-making process. Attendees will roast, winnow, grind, formulate and refine artisan-quality couverture, creating a one-of-a-kind batch from start to finish. Additional discussion will include tempering, molding and further applications of the finished chocolate. You will cover: - An introduction to the world of craft chocolate. - Cleaning and sorting of cocoa beans. - Roasting, winnowing and grinding. - Refining process for single-origin dark chocolate. - Tempering and molding of the finished chocolate. - One batch of dark chocolate will be made. Students will leave the class with samples of the chocolate produced.

Course Lessons

Chocolate 201: Craft of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making

Course ID: ARTCHOC Duration: 6.00 hour(s)


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