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Brioche and Croissant

Brioche and Croissant

Have you ever wondered how to make the buttery, flaky brioche loaves and croissants found at fancy bakeries? This class will show you how. During this two-day workshop, you’ll be able to see the process through, from creating the dough to letting it rise to shaping your own luscious baked goods. You’ll make: Brioche à Tête (brioche in the classic fluted, top-knotted shape); Brioche au Sucre (sweet brioche loaf); Classic Butter Croissants; Almond-Filled Croissants; and Pains au Chocolat (chocolate-filled croissants).

Course Lessons

Brioche and Croissant

Course ID: BRIOCH Duration: 4.50 hour(s)


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