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Chef Cooking

Hone your cooking skills.

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City is home to one of the largest programs of hands-on recreational cooking classes, baking classes and wine classes in the world.
Discover Our Classes

Whether you're looking to learn new skills, get more advanced training or simply have a fun night with a few friends, we have the classes for you!

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Most Popular
Cooking Classes

Travel the culinary world from the comfort of our kitchens with our endless selection of hands-on cooking classes taught by ICE's renowned Chef-Instructors. From Thai curry and Indian takeout to farmers’ market favorites and comfort food classics, our cooking classes range in focus and discipline. Find flavor and fun at ICE.

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Baking Classes

Learn techniques like tempering, folding and icing while baking up fresh breads, puff pastries and creative cakes in our comprehensive set of pastry and baking classes. Get a taste of the fun at ICE then take home your creations — and your new set of skills — for all to enjoy.

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For Libation Lovers
Wine & Beverages

Bring your wine, beer and spirit senses to new heights with ICE’s classes for libation lovers of every level. Whether you’re no stranger to life’s liquid pleasures, or you’re swirling and spitting for the first time, join us for beginner to advanced instruction on worldly wines, the perfect meal pairings, the ultimate beer and cheese guide and beyond.

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For The Health Conscious

Explore more plant-based classes than ever with our menu of health-supportive advanced studies, vegan baking workshops and hands-on recreational sessions. Pursue a certificate in Culinary Nutrition or Food Therapy to gain expertise in essential components of the better food movement; grow your techniques by making diet-specific desserts; or enjoy interactive meatless meal planning and recipe testing.

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For Professionals
Advanced Studies

Food professionals learn the ins and outs on how to advance their career: perfect a specialized skill, search for new paths in the industry, and network with their peers. ICE stays on the pulse of student and alumni needs with its ongoing career development workshops and advanced classes.

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For the West Coast
Classes in Los Angeles

Now you can take wine and beverage recreational classes at the Institute of Culinary Education in Los Angeles! Check out our first collection of classes which are perfect for a date night, an outing with friends, or a treat for the libation lovers in your life (including you).

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The Perfect Gift for the Foodie in Your Life!

The Institute of Culinary Education offers one of the nation’s largest selection of hands-on cooking, baking and wine courses. Your gift recipient can choose the topic, menu and time schedule that is fit for their appetite.

About ICE

The Institute of Culinary Education now has two campuses located in two culinary capitals of the world, New York and Los Angeles. Beyond our professional programs, ICE's hands-on recreational cooking, baking and wine education courses train an additional 26,000 students each year.

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A Culinary Industry Leader

Ranked as America’s Best Culinary School (USAToday 2019), our roster of Chef-Instructors have run top kitchens around the globe.

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Most Class Offerings

ICE has one of the largest programs of hands-on recreational cooking, baking and wine classes offered in the world.

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Career Advancement

Our advanced studies courses will help you stay on the cutting edge in developing your career.

What People Are Saying
Selena L.
I absolutely loved the classes!

“I first became familiar with ICE through their recreational program. These [recreational] experiences eventually led me to decide to take the diploma program when I was ready for a career change.”

Niketkumar P.
I will definitely go again!

“The recreational classes at ICE are great. The food dishes that we made were all delicious. The class was really hands on.”

Jason M.
I really had a great time!

“There are a number of different types of classes for everyone's tastes, and I'll definitely be back to take more of their classes.”

Ranked as America’s Best Culinary School (USAToday 2019), our roster of Chef-Instructors have run top kitchens around the globe.

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