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Fine Cooking 1

Fine Cooking 1

These are the classes on which our recreational program’s reputation was built. Over 15,000 students have taken this series. Once you master essential cooking techniques, you possess the culinary grounding to cook both classical cuisines and the latest cooking styles. These full-participation classes teach fundamental skills, not recipes. Instead of narrowly focusing on a roast duckling recipe, for example, you’ll master roasting techniques that can be applied to foods from fish to fruit. The curriculum was designed under the guidance of director of education Richard Simpson. You’ll learn all the important cooking methods, from simple grilling to mousse making. As you advance through the series, you’ll gradually come to understand each cooking concept. You’ll have a firm grasp of ingredients and equipment; you’ll know why things happen; you'll learn how to avoid and correct mistakes. Most important, you’ll gain the experience you need to cook with confidence and pleasure---without relying strictly on recipes. Each class culminates with a student-prepared meal. Each course consists of five 5-hour classes. Fine Cooking 1 is a prerequisite to Fine Cooking 2 and 3.

Course Lessons

  • Lesson 1 - DAY 1 FINE COOKING 1

    Techniques Learned: Knife Skills; Sautéing; Blanching; Protein Cooking; Compound Butters; Simple Salads; and Sauce Vinaigrette. Menu includes: Chilled, Gazpacho Soup or Spicy Hot Vegetable Soup; Sautéed Lamb Chops with Herb Butter; Sautéed Broccoli; Diced Sautéed Potatoes with Persillade; Simple Salad; Fresh Fruit Macerated with Liqueur

  • Lesson 2 - DAY 2 FINE COOKING 1

    Techniques Learned: Stocks; Basic Chicken Stock; Classic and Express Methods; Degreasing Stocks; Roasting and Baking of Proteins and Vegetables; Rice Cookery; Trussing and Carving Poultry. Menu includes: Arborio Chicken Soup with Escarole; Rosemary Roast Chicken; Baked Stuffed Tomatoes Provençale; Roasted Garlic; Rice Pilaf; French Style Spinach, Bacon and Mushroom Salad with Curry Vinaigrette; and Clafouti

  • Lesson 3 - DAY 3 FINE COOKING 1

    Techniques learned: Brown and White Braising; Reduced Pan Sauces; Deglazing and Reduction; Preparation of Shellfish; and Whipping Heavy Cream Menu includes: Mussels Steamed in White Wine; Braised Lamb Shanks with Juniper Berries and Rosemary; Braised Leeks; Warm Lentil Salad; Belgian Endive Salad, with Shallot Vinaigrette; and Chocolate Mousse.

  • Lesson 4 - DAY 4 FINE COOKING 1

    Techniques learned: Compound Salads; Basic Theory and Techniques of Egg Cookery; Perfect Poached Eggs; Beurre Manié; Croûtes; Scrambled Eggs; Omelets; Whipping Egg Whites; and Soufflés. Menu includes: Omelet with Fines Herbes; Poached Eggs in Red Wine Sauce; Salad Niçoise; Grand Marnier Soufflé; and Chocolate Soufflé.

  • Lesson 5 - DAY 5 FINE COOKING 1

    Techniques learned: French Crudités (Vegetable Salads); Sauce Mayonnaise and Variations; Greek Court Bouillon; Grilling and Broiling; Techniques for Proteins and Vegetables; Marinades; Tenderizing; Flambéing Menu includes: Vegetable Salad Plate; Grilled London Broil; Mixed Grilled Vegetables of the Season; and Flambéed Bananas.

Fine Cooking 1

Course ID: TECH1 Duration: 5.00 hour(s)


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